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Seika Corporation

SEIKA's Chemistry in Our Life

Our core products are aromatic diamines, used as raw materials for high-performance resins and other products indispensable in daily life. We have earned great trust from customers in Japan and overseas, becoming their first choice for aromatic diamines. As we conduct our business, our mission is to precisely understand the needs of our customers and aid their development of new materials and products.
  • We will complete construction our new Wakayama Plant to increase our production capacity for high-performance resin raw materials

  • The SEIKA Future Creation Hall, a new research building, was completed in April, 2020

  • We supply materials for high-performance electronic devices (smartphones, etc.)

Company overview

Company name Seika Corporation
Address 8 Minami Migiwa-cho, Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan
Telephone number +81-73-433-2191
FAX number +81-73-428-3977
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A Corporation Creating Sensitivity

Skills that cannot be seen but are unquestionably present. Contributing to the world through the power of chemistry. With commitment to the customer-first principle, we not only supply products but also present customers with ideas for jointly developing products needed by the world, acting as a partner that leverages its advantages as an agile small- and medium-sized enterprise.
  • Head Office Factory

  • Momoyama Factory

  • Momoyama Factory Production Equipment

Company overview

Address 13-1 Sakaedani Wakayama-City Wakayama Japan
Telephone number +81-73-451-2271
FAX number +81-73-451-2639
E-mail address

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