Introduction of the companies Kishu lacquerware


We have been creating new types of lacquerware items while esteeming manual work.

KISHU+ is a new shikki lacquerware brand launched by four companies from the production area of Kishu shikki.
Kishu shikki is historically characterized by its flexible attitude towards incorporating new techniques.
While highly esteeming manual work, we have promoted such efforts further to create new kinds of lacquerware items.

Company overview

Company name KISHU+
Address 569-1 Okada, Kainan City, Wakayama
Telephone number +81-90-6237-6208

Product information

Coating Studio FUJII

Lacquered glass shikki (dishwasher safe)

GLASS JAPAN was born from the fusion of traditional techniques from Kuroe, “the town of lacquerware,” and new ideas. The owner traveled alone around the Middle East, the US, and Europe to learn more about lacquerware techniques and family lacquerware business, which is his own family’s business. Driven by his enthusiasm to expand the lacquering technique to the field of interior design, he started “Coating Studio FUJII” in 2001. He successfully developed a technique to combine lacquer and glass, and now oversees the whole process from design to production.
  • Lacquered product

  • Drying in a drying stove at 180 degrees Celsius

  • The gallery inside the shop

Company overview

Company name Coating Studio FUJII
Address 532-4 Nataka, Kainan City, Wakayama
Telephone number +81-73-483-0323
FAX number +81-73-483-0323

Product information