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Established in 1911, the company is currently involved in the manufacturing and sale of percussion instruments, such as tambourines and Japanese drums, as its major business, as well as a furniture sales business and the lease and sale of nursing care and welfare equipment. In the manufacturing of wooden tambourines, the company operates the last manufacturing plant in Japan, accounting for a large part of the education market share, such as kindergartens and elementary schools.
  • The frame of a tambourine in production

  • A tambourine in production – applying a skin (drumhead)

  • A tambourine in production – installing pins

Company overview

Company name NOKAMI MOKKO CO., LTD.
Address 1437 Kemi, Wakayama-City, Wakayama-Pref. 641-0014 Japan
Telephone number +81-73-444-5246
FAX number +81-73-444-5247

Product information

Paulownia funiture AZUMA Co.,LTD.

A new form for a traditional craft

This paulownia chest manufacturer was founded in 1891. The company is capable of performing all processes from cutting paulownia wood to sawing, production, and coating. The president of the company engages in traditional carpentry, interior architecture, lacquering, and more. As a crystallization of those skills, he created Phoenix, the world's first paulownia beer cup, for LEXUS NEW TAKUMI PROJECT 2017, and was named the selected craftsperson of Koyama Kundo in the Grand Prix.
  • Inside the shop

  • Paulownia beer cup Phoenix

  • All-paulownia lacquered jewelry box

Company overview

Company name Paulownia funiture AZUMA Co.,LTD.
Address 1169-1, Nateichiba, Kinokawa Shi, Wakayama, Japan
Telephone number +81-736-75-3600
FAX number +81-736-75-5660
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Product information