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Making good products that will be bought again.

OKA makes home living goods, mainly bath, toilet, kitchen, and pet products. The company’s principle of product-making is “Making good products that will be bought again.” Under this motto, all employees have a common vision and make their best efforts without compromise to pursue quality products that are repeatedly bought by customers.
  • Bath mats “Kando Ryoko” are high-functional mats that are also used at high-end ryokans (Japanese inns). It has more than 30 years of sales experience!

  • Made-in-Japan Wilton weave, boasting high quality and strong durability. Dedicated to quality manufacturing.

  • Our company also manufactures a variety of pet products, such as pet mats and pet dish sponges.

Company overview

Company name OKA CO.,LTD.
Address 8 Minamiakasaka Kainan-city WAKAYAMA 642-0017 JAPAN
Telephone number 073-488-0336
FAX number 073-486-0840

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Nakanishi Tomikazu Koubou

Inheriting tradition and technology, and passing them down to the next generation.

Nakanishi Tomikazu Kobo was established by Yoshiharu Nakanishi at Moko, Kainan City in 1922. Since then it has manufactured and sold tawashi (scouring brushes), inheriting tradition and techniques from the past generations. Now, the 4th head, who was born in 1991 (during the Heisei era), is devoting himself to passing down the spirit and technology of the business to the next generation, while maintaining the essence of the tradition that has existed since the establishment.
  • Tawashi manufacturing

  • Barking Shuro windmill palms

  • At the exhibition

Company overview

Company name Nakanishi Tomikazu Koubou
Address 307 Mouko Kainan-city Wakayama
Telephone number 0734-86-0860
FAX number 0734-86-0860

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Yamaichiya Co.,Ltd

Toward the future of landscaping and greening with a love for traditional beauty

In order to pass on Japan’s traditional culture to the next generation, we have declared our sustainable development goals (SDGs). With the brand message “toward the future of landscaping and greening with a love for traditional beauty,” we have been contributing to society through landscape gardening. We propose a unique, creative, comfortable “garden style” for each and every one of our customers.

Company overview

Company name Yamaichiya Co.,Ltd
Telephone number +81-73-488-0331
FAX number +81-73-486-0515

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Aisen Industrial Co., Ltd.

Making the beautiful fun

Aisen was founded in 1946. It began by manufacturing tawashi (scouring brushes) and brooms under the trademark "Aisen." Aiming to always create new value, the company has pursued new material development and easy-to-use functionality while undertaking safe and trustworthy manufacturing. Aisen will continue considering what it is that is truly needed now, as it strives to create products that it can offer even further beyond.
  • Production site at the time of establishment

  • Product

  • showroom

Company overview

Company name Aisen Industrial Co., Ltd.
Address 258, Onoda, Kainan-City, Wakayama
Telephone number +81-73-487-4345
FAX number +81-73-487-5544
E-mail address

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Ingenuity + Fashionability

KOKUBO's household daily necessities aim to make cooking, laundry, cleaning, and other daily life activities convenient and comfortable. The company strives for manufacturing that eliminates the dissatisfactions arising in everyday life and delights customers every day. Quickly grasping latent needs in daily life and speedily commercializing products is a strength of KOKUBO.
  • Scene from Hong Kong Exhibition

  • Scene from Chicago Exhibition

  • KOKUBOSHOP Interior

Company overview

Company name KOKUBO&Co.,LTD
Address 201-9 Nokamishin, Kainan city, Wakayama
Telephone number +81-3-5205-1811
FAX number +81-3-5205-3192
E-mail address

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Takada Tawashi is a manufacturer that specializes in Japanese scouring brushes.

Takada Tawashi is a manufacturer that specializes in scourers called tawashi. The brushes are made individually by craftspeople, using carefully selected windmill palm fiber. The brushes are gentle enough to be used on vegetables or the body, with an absorbent and pleasant feel. Just touching one will completely change your perception of scouring brushes. Why not own an item of quality that makes daily life a little special?
  • Material

  • Manufacturing

  • Body Brush with Long Japanese Cypress Handle

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Address 97-2 Mukunoki Kainan City Wakayama Japan 640-1173
Telephone number +81-73-487-1264
FAX number +81-73-487-3318
E-mail address

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We deliver carefully-crafted Japanese mats

Our company was founded in 1952 as Hashizume Tawashi factory. For about 40 years after, we produced tawashi, an industry of Kainan, and manufactured and sold general miscellaneous goods. To meet the changing needs of consumers, from the latter half of the 1990s we have primarily focused on production in Japan of bath mats, toilet mats and kitchen mats, and produce high-quality, functional products with good design.
  • Sewing


  • Exhibition

Company overview

Company name HASHIZUME co.,ltd
Address 427 Nokaminaka, Kainan city, Wakayama
Telephone number +81-73-487-1297
FAX number +81-73-487-4900
E-mail address

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