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Kishu Giken Kogyo Co,.Ltd.

Kishu Giken Kogyo is sure to find what you seek.

Since our founding, our company has developed business specialized in the field of printing. We are a specialty manufacturer and seller of inkjet printers that automatically print expiration dates and logos on cardboard and other materials on production lines. We always respond promptly to customer needs with our unique inkjet technology and have earned a strong customer following in every field.
  • Full-color printing system

  • Direct printing on pills with safe, edible ink

  • Our Ink Laboratory, designed in the image of a bar code printed on a cardboard box

Company overview

Company name Kishu Giken Kogyo Co,.Ltd.
Address 466 Nunohiki Wakayama-city Wakayama、Japan 641-0015
Telephone number +81-73-445-6610
FAX number +81-73-445-6610
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Bright・Anneal Co.,Ltd.

Through our stainless steel annealing technology, we support people's lifestyles

We mainly perform non-oxidization annealing in bright annealing furnaces and vacuum furnaces. When metal is heated in the atmosphere, it reacts with the oxygen in the air and its surface darkens. By performing heating and cooling in an oxygen-free atmosphere, we perform annealing of stainless steel as it is, without formation of a black oxide film. We also remove oxide film from products that have been heat-darkened through welding or other processing.
  • We are able to process workpieces as long as 15 meters. A surprising in-shipping scene!

  • Annealing work

  • Annealing work(Removal work)

Company overview

Company name Bright・Anneal Co.,Ltd.
Address 451-1 Kitaseida Kinokawa-city Wakayama Japan
Telephone number +81-736-67-8125
FAX number +81-736-67-8225
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Kikui Scissors Inc.

Fastidious tool-making that supports the work of professionals

This company has been exclusively manufacturing scissors for hairdressing since its foundation in 1953. It manufactures build-to-order scissors for professionals according to their respective needs. In 2015, one of its long-selling products, the “Cobalt” series, won a Good Design Award. With the simple design for maximum ease-of-use, its scissors have been popular among many hairdressers and barbers.

Company overview

Company name Kikui Scissors Inc.
Address 2-2-31, Kozaika, Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture, 641-0007, Japan
Telephone number +81-73-423-4495
FAX number +81-73-426-3204

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