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Okada Textile Co.,LTD

Highly perfected, gentle eco-fur for you!

Koyaguchi-cho in the city of Hashimoto, Wakayama Prefecture, is located at the foot of Koyasan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is Japan's only comprehensive pile fabric production area. Within this area, our company has specialized in the manufacturing and sales of eco-fur. The raw materials are all made in Japan, and the product is widely distributed to domestic to overseas brands as JAPAN ECOFUR®.
  • Eco-fur products

  • OKADA TEXTILE and Mitsubishi Chemical have jointly developed the special cross-sectional material PROPEARL. By splitting the hair ends through special processing, the product changes the thickness of the hair ends and roots, to achieve both the lightness of hair ends and the piloerection found in natural fur.

  • By introducing automatic cutting machines made exclusively for fur, we are able to sell products with accurately cut parts.

Company overview

Company name Okada Textile Co.,LTD
Address 757 ono Koyaguchi-cho Hashimoto Wakayama 6497207, JAPAN
Telephone number 81 6 4396 680 / 81 80 6159 7407
FAX number 81 6 4396 6802
E-mail address

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At the foot of Koyasan, a World Heritage Site: Crafting that can grow together with the region and with nature

Since the company's establishment in 1922, skilled craftspeople have handed down assured skills, adding their own improvements to looms and knitting machines to undertake production and product development of woven and knitted fabrics that take advantage of the characteristics and textures of varied materials. The company manufactures, processes, and sells pile textiles (bedding and interior textile products), apparel fabrics, and industrial textile products. Producing the only rug products in Koyaguchi, a pile producing area.
  • The rug pattern is not printed, but is woven with multicolored dyed threads using a Jacquard machine, following the instructions on punched cards. It looks like the music box is playing sound.

  • The craftsperson pulls out the previously woven thread to create a bore on both sides.

  • Headquarters mill
    The company is also undertaking energy-saving production through solar power.

Company overview

Company name SANWA SEAL CO.LTD.,
Address 334 fushihara koyaguchi-cho hashimoto, WAKAYAMA6497202, JAPAN
Telephone number +81-736-43-1190
FAX number +81-736-43-2584
E-mail address

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End-to-end production, from weaving to dyeing and finishing

The company performs end-to-end production, from weaving to dyeing, printing and finishing, at its own factory. This company produces and sells a wide range of pile textiles such as velvet and moquette for interior items, apparel, industrial materials and automobiles. These are used in clothing from high-end apparel brands in Japan and overseas, and in chairs used in the Japanese Diet building, seats on buses and trains, and more.
  • Dyeing(Star frame dyeing exclusively for velvet)

  • Weaving process(Jacquard velvet loom)

  • 「TAENAKA NO NUNO」Semicircle pouches

Company overview

Company name TAENAKA PILE FABRICS Co.,Ltd.
Address 193 Mukojima Koyaguchi-cho Hashimoto Wakayama JAPAN 649-7206
Telephone number +81-736-42-3170
FAX number +81-736-43-2803
E-mail address

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