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Nakai Industry Co., Ltd.

The warmth of natural wood, the proud craftsmanship of artisans

We are a company in the wooden fittings manufacturing industry. Our main products are wooden fittings such as shoji screens and lattices, produced through traditional methods. We offer built-to-order products for delivery to homes, shrines, temples, commercial facilities, hotels, nursing homes, kindergartens, and other properties. Our strengths lie in our manufacturing technology and production capacity. We launched our own brand, KITOTE, in 2014. Our shoji screens are valued in Japan and overseas for their high design sense.
  • Shaping with a plane

  • Marking component materials

  • KITOTE shoji

Company overview

Company name Nakai Industry Co., Ltd.
Address 23 Jiroumaru, Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture 640-8444 JAPAN
Telephone number +81-73-452-1212
FAX number +81-73-452-5028
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